Best Quality


In order to fulfil both your and our demand for high quality, we consistently pursue the following purchasing strategy:

  • Technically optimize the product
  • Determine the ideal production means
  • Select the right partners from our network of suppliers
  • Obtain and compare several offers
  • Carry out on-the-spot quality evaluations and also with the reference samples
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Production partners
بهترین کیفیت

We are aware that we can only promise our customers the specific products and quality that our partners are capable of guaranteeing. That is why we select our production partners with great care and systematically assess them on a regular basis.

As a matter of principle, we only work with the "best in their field" on an international basis. This enables us to guarantee you an outstanding cost-performance ratio.


First established in Iran in 2006, KTP rapidly envolved to suit the ever-growing demands of present day. Capitalizing on the availability of tank storage, KTP initiated and developed an alternate transport and delivery system for the distribution of goods to other neighboring countries.